British Columbians are Saying Yes to Pro Rep
British Columbians are Saying Yes to Pro Rep

Over the course of this campaign, dozens of remarkable British Columbians have stepped forward to say yes to Pro Rep, and to a new way of voting that works for all of us. They support Pro Rep because they know it isn’t fair that a government that gets 40% of the votes should get 100% of the power.

Pro Rep will make voting more fair for everyone in BC, and ensure that your vote never goes to waste. When everyone’s vote counts, politicians are more cooperative and more accountable to voters.

Our endorsers include young activists and experienced elders, renowned scientists and smart thinkers, comedians and rock stars, business people and labour leaders, former MLAs and cabinet ministers (and even a BC premier) have made it clear why they support Pro Rep.
People like:

Renowned scientist Dr. David Suzuki:

“What is desperately needed now in a time of unprecedented change and challenges are new ideas, perspectives and strategies. We need diversity of opinions around the crisis of ecological degradation, social justice, disparity of wealth, community capacity and family needs. Pro Rep will provide greater opportunity for expression of my values and priorities in government.”

Vancouver City Councillor Adriane Carr:

“A party with a majority of seats gets all of the power and can stop listening to anyone but their insiders. That’s not good for democracy. I support Proportional Representation because it’s fair – a party’s share of seats equals its share of votes – and holds extreme results in check.”

Simka Marshall, Former Chair, BC Federation of Students:

“I’m voting Pro Rep because Indigenous youth need to have a seat at the table. It’s time to put the power into the hands of our communities and accountability into our government.”

Kevin Huang|黃儀軒, Executive Director, Hua Foundation:

“Pro Rep strengthens our democracy, leads to higher voter turnout, and encourages more cooperation. And, as a community organizer, Pro Rep will allow the ideas, aspirations, and issues that impact the people I serve to be surfaced and reflected in the electoral system.”

Juno Award-winning musician Dan Mangan:

“We need a system where each of us can simply vote for the candidate we most personally support, regardless of their party affiliation. Furthermore, we need a form of governance where the governing party is held accountable to all citizens of the province – not just the ones that voted (or may vote) for them.”

And Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps:

“We need a system that actively represents people across the political spectrum, not just some of the time but all of the time. Only once more people feel represented in our democracy will we see a shift back toward more civil dialogue and politics.”

Check out our full list of endorsers here.

Time is running out – fast!

Your ballot needs to be *received* by Elections BC no later than 4:30 pm on Friday, December 7th. If you haven’t mailed your ballot for Pro Rep yet, we *strongly recommend* you drop off your completed ballot at one of the regional referendum offices, which are open Monday, December 3rd to Friday, December 7th from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Find an office near you at