Endorser: Adrian Carr
Endorser: Adrian Carr

Adriane Carr
Vancouver City Councilor


I believe in democracy and fairness. Our First-Past-The-Post voting system can deliver dictatorial governments and unfair and extreme results. A party with a majority of seats gets all of the power and can stop listening to anyone but their insiders. That’s not good for democracy. I support Proportional Representation because it’s fair – a party’s share of seats equals its share of votes – and holds extreme results in check.


Adriane was first elected to Vancouver City Council in 2011 and was re-elected in 2014 at the top of the polls, winning the most council votes in Vancouver’s history.

As a Vancouver City Councillor, Carr has worked to improve affordability and peoples’ quality of life, create a cleaner, greener city, and ensure peoples’ voices are not just heard but incorporated into Council decisions.

She earned an MA in urban geography from UBC, taught at Langara College, and campaigned to successfully protect many threatened B.C. wilderness areas, including Clayoquot Sound. She is co-founder and former leader of the BC Green Party and was an honorary co-chair of the Canadian Women Voters’ Congress’s Women’s Campaign School. In 2002 she led the Citizen’s Initiative for Mixed Member Proportional Representation in B.C.