Endorser: Aran Armutlu
Endorser: Aran Armutlu

Aran Armutlu
Chairperson, BC Federation of Students


Young people, like me, have been left out for too long. We are far from apathetic. We are deeply engaged in volunteerism and a range of political and social issues. Yet, too many of us feel the futility of voting in the current system, where our voices are rarely represented and our issues are overlooked. We want in. And we can make that happen by voting for proportional representation in the upcoming referendum.


Aran is the Chairperson of the BC Federation of Students which represents over 130,000 students at 13 different colleges and universities across BC. The BCFS advocates for high-quality, accessible public post-secondary education in BC.

Aran is a Douglas College graduate who is passionate about higher education and empowering youth to use their agency to create change.