Endorser: Bob Ransford
Endorser: Bob Ransford

Bob Ransford
Urban development specialist and new urbanist


As long-time “insider” myself, I’ve seen democracy cast aside and, instead, party politics and political preservation prevail. That’s why I’ve long been an advocate for a new voting system that makes democracy stronger.

Proportional representation will strengthen democracy and reactivate its basic principles at a time when we desperately need to make representative government work. Pro Rep will elect governments that are more accountable to voters and MLAs who will put people ahead of party interests, as it should be.


Bob Ransford is vice president at a BC-based real estate, development company.

He has three decades of experience in the real estate development sector as a senior development executive and an urban designer, with a specialty in effective public process. Bob has a Certificate in Urban Design from Simon Fraser University and holds accreditation with the Congress for the New Urbanism. He has studied charrette planning and integrated project management at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and site planning at the University of British Columbia.

Bob is a long-time expert commentator and writer on housing and urban development issues who has served as a regular columnist with the Vancouver Sun and governed a number of non-profit organizations and foundations. Bob enjoys painting, photography, the culinary arts, and visiting cities around the world.