Endorser: Christine Boyle
Endorser: Christine Boyle

Christine Boyle
United Church Minister, Vancouver City-Council Candidate


I support ProRep because it will deepen our democracy and give people a stronger sense that their voice and their participation really matters.


Christine is a parent, community organizer, climate justice activist, and United Church Minister, currently running for a seat on Vancouver City Council. She is passionate about tackling inequality, contributing to climate solutions, and deepening democratic engagement.

Christine has previously worked with the Columbia Institute’s Centre for Civic Governance. She organized training conferences for local leaders in BC, Saskatchewan and Ontario, and supported the research and development of innovative municipal policy solutions. During that time she also supported the development of GreenJobs BC, bringing together environmental, labour, and community leaders to advocate for a just transition.

Christine also worked at First United Church in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, doing programming and community outreach.