Endorser: Greg Powell
Endorser: Greg Powell

Greg Powell
Minister, Castlegar United Church


As a parent, I’m concerned about the long-term wellbeing of our province. I believe proportional representation gives our decision-makers better incentive for long-term planning, rather than simply positioning for the next election. And as a faith leader, I see proportional representation as our best option to ensure we care for the most vulnerable among us and give voice to the marginalized. I see this referendum as this generation’s moment to set us on a new course toward a fairer British Columbia that includes all.


Greg Powell is a minister and community builder. He brings an engineering background and several years of work in the environmental non-profit sector to his present work of connecting with people and our surroundings on a spiritual level. Greg’s concern for the climate crisis, Indigenous rights, and ending poverty occupy much of the time he’s not working or spending time with his family, which includes two young children, who would love for their votes to count when they’re older.