Endorser: Jessica McIlroy
Endorser: Jessica McIlroy

Jessica McIlroy

Sustainable Energy Strategist, North Vancouver Council Candidate


I believe that proportional representation is our greatest opportunity to dramatically improve voter turnout and engagement, resulting in a government that better reflects our values. One that makes decisions based on what is best for our communities instead of always playing partisan games. This is how we will set policy that takes action on our most pressing issues.


Jessica is a sustainability leader, mother of two, and passionate member of her Central Lonsdale community. She is running for North Vancouver City Council to work collectively for an affordable, sustainable, and equitable North Van. This means finding collaborative solutions to housing and transportation and being a leader on climate action.

Over the past 15 years, Jessica has held leadership positions with a number of clean energy and sustainability non-profit organizations, advocating for change and working to move the organizations and individuals from awareness to action.