Endorser: Jo-Ann Roberts
Endorser: Jo-Ann Roberts

Jo-Ann Roberts
Retired Journalist
Deputy Leader, Green Party of Canada


I am a strong supporter of Pro Rep because it leads to a fairer representation of women and marginalized people in government. It inspires more people to vote knowing that their vote will count and be reflected in the legislature. And, it gives a reason for parties to work together to make the best decisions for the good of the whole province. B.C. can be a leader in Canada, demanding a better and stronger democracy to face our times.


Jo-Ann Roberts is an award-winning, veteran journalist. She began her career as a TV and radio reporter and was a host on CBC Radio for 20 years, most recently hosting All Points West.

An expert on public broadcasting, Jo-Ann has taught at the university level and provided workshops on media literacy. She once owned and operated a successful media relations and training company.

Jo-Ann is Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada where she works on issues affecting climate change, housing, democratic reform and inequality. Jo-Ann has worked as Community Relations and Advancement Consultant for Threshold Housing Society, serving homeless youth in Victoria, and has served on several boards for local charities, health and arts organizations.

Jo-Ann now lives in Halifax with her husband Ken Kelly, an urban planner. They have four children and one grandchild.