Endorser: Jocelyn Macdougall
Endorser: Jocelyn Macdougall

Jocelyn Macdougall
Convener, facilitator, musician


Proportional Representation is our opportunity to revitalize our democracy. During this uncertain, sometimes terrifying, political moment, it is more important than ever for us to be able to translate our beliefs into a vote that counts. I believe that most people are genuinely interested in building communities that work for everyone. But so many folks don’t engage in the political process because they feel like their vote doesn’t matter. With Proportional Representation, we have the opportunity to make every single vote count. Our leaders need a clear mandate to build caring and just communities – let your voice be heard: vote to support PR in BC.


Jocelyn Macdougall delights in convening interesting, meaningful, productive groups of people who are striving to make the world better.

As an independent consultant in event strategy and facilitation, Jocelyn works to build brave containers, connecting people in dialogue. She values equity and inclusion as foundational, and believes that getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is a necessary skill in today’s divided world. For Jocelyn, the arts are a price-of-admission component of a sane, healthy society, having a unique propensity to enable self and social reflection. She is also blessed to sing her heart out with seven other exceptional musicians in Vancouver’s hottest funk and Motown band, Queer As Funk.