Endorser: Katherine Ramdeen
Endorser: Katherine Ramdeen

Katherine Ramdeen @katramdeen
Actor, Independent Vancouver Council Candidate


I have voted in every single election despite knowing my vote wasn’t going to count fairly under the First Past the Post system. I support proportional representation because I believe every vote should count. Want to combat voter apathy? Vote Pro Rep and make sure everyone’s voice is heard fairly in our elections.


Katherine is a Canadian actor, best-known for her recurring role as Alex on The CW’s long-running hit TV series, Supernatural. She is also a series lead on the currently trying to find a home Supernatural spinoff, Wayward Sisters.

She has decided to run for a voice on Vancouver’s City Council to drive evidence-based and empathetic solutions to the homelessness, opioid and affordability crises hurting the City.

A strong advocate for plant-based and sustainable living, Ramdeen enjoys watching documentaries and taking her dog Hondjie for walks along the seawall, or general playtime in one of Vancouver’s many beautiful dog parks. She also has fun as a notable streamer on the popular streaming site Twitch, where she formed Nibiru: an all-female competitive video game team for the e-sport DOTA 2.

Katherine has written numerous short films and intends to continue writing and acting, walking in the footsteps of inspirations like Jodie Foster, whom she hopes to work with one day.