Endorser: Libby Davies
Endorser: Libby Davies

Libby Davies
Former MP, Vancouver East and former Vancouver City Councilor


As a long time political activist and elected representative, I have always believed and advocated for proportional representation as an essential component of our democratic electoral system. Pro Rep is a much fairer system of voting and ensures that every vote counts.


Libby Davies has served in public life for 40 years. She represented Vancouver East as Member of Parliament from 1997 until 2015. During that time, she served as both House Speaker and as Deputy Leader for the NDP for several years each. She was a member of Vancouver city council from 1982 to 1993. She is known for her advocacy on drug-policy reform, human rights for sex workers, and affordable housing has been a formidable champion of the needs and rights of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community.