Endorser: Megan Dias
Endorser: Megan Dias

Megan Dias
Researcher, Politics & Community


I support Pro Rep because of its potential to foster a more inclusive, engaged democracy. Voters should see themselves and their concerns reflected in our legislatures, and the policies those legislatures enact. Pro Rep can help get us there.


Megan is a researcher with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, as well as a writer. Her work has appeared in several publications, including Maclean’s magazine, The National Post, The Tyee, and the Vancouver Sun.

Megan has also worked as a researcher for Public Policy Forum, a non-partisan organization that works with all levels of government to improve policy outcomes for Canadians, and with UBC’s Centre for Democratic Institutions. She has also organized several “get out the vote” campaigns, targeted at first-time and infrequent voters.