Endorser: Sarah Blyth
Endorser: Sarah Blyth

Sarah Blyth
Independent Candidate for Vancouver City Council


I’m voting for Proportional Representation because our current “First Past the Post” system effectively shuts out independent voices from our legislature and council chambers, and puts nearly all the power in the hands of political parties that don’t always put people first.

No person or party has a monopoly on good ideas. Bringing more independent voices into our politics will make for better policy, better decisions and real debate. I hope you’ll join me in supporting proportional representation.


Sarah is a passionate advocate for communities.

Sarah Blyth is the founder and executive director of the Overdose Prevention Society in Vancouver, BC. She has championed for solutions to the opioid crisis and has continued to be a strong leader in the community on this issue.

Currently a Mental Health Worker in a low income seniors shelter, Sarah worked for several years with PHS Community Services Society, managing a shelter and finding ways to improve the lives of people who need the services.

A former two-term Vancouver Park Board Commissioner, Sarah has also worked as a Youth Outreach Worker and was a founding partner of the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition that helped secure the development of five new skateparks.