Endorser: Seth Klein
Endorser: Seth Klein

Seth Klein

BC Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives


Seth is the BC Director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, a public policy research institute committed to social, economic and environmental justice. CCPA-BC publishes regular research reports on policies addressing poverty and inequality, taxes, climate justice, and health care.


I am a passionate believer in proportional representation. Pro rep liberates us all to vote our true values; to vote for what we really want rather than against who we most fear or dislike. This referendum is a game-changing opportunity to open up what is possible, to broaden the spectrum of ideas in our politics. I trust the values of British Columbians, and when our values and priorities can find real expression through a pro rep election system, I’m convinced it will serve us all well. We can and must do better than the status quo.

Seth served for eight years as co-chair of the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, and is on the Advisory Committee of the Metro Vancouver Living Wage for Families campaign. He is a co-founder of Next Up, a leadership training program for young people committed to equality and justice.